Rock County Sheriff's Deputies Collide While On Emergency Call


JANESVILLE--Tough day at the office for Rock County Sheriff's Deputies.

"Obviously we have accidents involving our squads," said Capt. Jude Maurer, an 18-year veteran in Rock County. "But it's not ordinary for us to see two squads colliding."

Wednesday night around 11pm two deputies were responding to an emergency call by a passerby of a motorcyclist down on Highway 26 and County Road N just north of Milton, but the location was incorrect.

"The actual location of where they came upon the motorcyclist was actually a mile and a half south of where the actual intersection was."

The surprised deputies hit the brakes and swerved to avoid hitting the motorcyclist that suddenly appeared.

"In the process of making those abrupt lane changes, the vehicle collided in a side swipe collison."

One vehicle went into the ditch and that officer had to be cut out of the car due to the fact that his door wouldn't open. The squad car suffered major damage, but the officer did not. The other vehicle suffered damage to the passenger side, but that officer also avoided serious injuries.

Both deputies went to the hospital complaining of head and back injuries, but Maurer described the injuries as minor. As for the motorcyclist, he wasn't injured only resting.

"It's part of the job," Maurer said. "Do we want to get into an accident? No. Do we want the media to come ask us questions about how this accident occured? Not really."

Maurer says that every two years deputies receive evasive driving trainin, but he adds that there's nothing like real life experience

"You have to train in the worst case scenario. Can we take some things out of this and maybe we can apply it in the future so that we can avoid the worst case scenario again? I hope so."

Wisconsin State Patrol is still investigating the accident.

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