Rock County Steps Up Its Game to Fight Crime

- ROCK COUNTY – Rock County officers are implementing new strategies to decrease violence on the Wisconsin side of the state line.

Crime in Beloit has been on a recent uptick in 2014, including six murders in Beloit and two high profile cases in Janesville.  The Wisconsin county has also had an increase in assaults and larcenies this year to date.

The Beloit Police Department is considering different options in order to ensure the safety of residents that visit Summit Park. There have been two shooting incidents at the same park in the last five weeks, but police do not believe the incidents are related.

The Rock County Sheriff's Dept. says they're taking steps to fight crime.

"We have been able to target areas where we see an increased amount of gang activity" says Sheriff Robert Spoden.  "We are trying to be more proactive using our squads to saturate an area and hopefully create an environment where people are not going to be involving themselves in crimes."

Spoden also says they're utilizing technology because internet crime is up.  "We actually have a detective now that spends about 60% of his time looking for those predators."

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