Rock River to Crest by Friday Morning, Residents Deal with Flooding


Raging flood waters and stranded cars were all caused by recent torrential rains. Now many Machesney Park residents are left to deal with rising river water.


"I think everyone's a little frustrated. Like I said, the weather just hasn't been great to begin with now it's even more work and more frustration," said Machesney Park Resident Kim Lawler.


Lawler lives along shore drive. He was forced to wade into the Rock River and tie off his dock so it wouldn't float away. He says this is one of many floods he's dealt with since moving to the area 6 years ago.


"This one's been a little frustrating because it was such a lousy spring first of all. We just put our dock and things in last week now here we have to take them out again," explained Lawler.


Machesney Park officials are also worried. The National Weather Service is predicting the Rock River at Latham Park will rise to just over 13 feet before cresting by Friday morning.  

"As this progresses, if it gets to the 12.7 foot level we'll try to make and take every measure that we can to make sure people have a means of getting out of their property," said Machesney Park Mayor Jerry Bolin.

In addition, law enforcement officials are discouraging anyone from driving through standing water.


The Winnebago County Sheriff's Office says sandbag materials are available at Harlem-Roscoe Fire Station #1, the New Milford Fire Station and the parking lot of Michalsen Office Furniture at 8014 N. Second Street, Machesney Park.


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