Rockford City Council Meets To Go Over Budget

- Rockford- Rockford’s Mass Transit District could see a decrease in funding in the near future.

10th Ward Alderman Frank Beach says “the recommendation this morning is that as a budget goes forward it would reduce our subsidiary to them by 100,000 dollars a year that’s it.”

This was just one of the many recommendations brought up during city council’s weekend budget retreat.

Alderman Beach says the city could save money simply by using smaller transportation vehicles on certain occasions.

Beach says “because sometimes when the buses run in the community they have very few people on them. He says. We still pay for the size of the old bus and all the upkeep.”

The council also discussed the proposed grant which would let the city hire five new police officers. The city will have to pay for the officers 2017.

5th Ward Alderman Vernita Hervey says “by 2017 the city of Rockford would have to maintain those officers at its own cost. That would add up by about 1.3 million.

City council also discussed raising the ambulance fee, and reducing the workers compensation rate. These were strictly recommendations. No big changes were made over the weekend.

City council next meets Monday.

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