Rockford Crime Rise has Police on Alert

Police swarmed around a car in the twelve hundred block of Corbin Street. An 18 year old man was shot twice while sitting inside. That is a scene Rockford Landlord Abel Lopez is seeing more in his neighborhood. He brought a lock to protect his tenants from the increase in crime. Lopez of Rockford says "the people tell me no we don't want to live there because there are too many people down there shooting." With the weather starting to warm up, Lopez fears for his safety every time he steps out his building. "You never know when they got a gun so they can shoot you for nothing."


Rockford Police Lieutenant Marc Welsh says warmer weather may be a factor for the recent crimes, and they are working to put more officers on the streets. "In the last couple of weeks, we've had extra details in each part of the city to try to stop some of the criminal activity we've been seeing." Said Welsh. He believes an increase in gang violence is also playing a role. He brings up the shootings of homes throughout Rockford. "We're investigating that some of these shootings may be related and some of them related to gang activities.


This has Rockford Residents like Lopez fearing for both his safety, and the safety of his tenants the next couple months. "It's getting warmer, more people you see walking the streets, and sometimes they have guns." Says Lopez.



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