Rockford Doctor Takes Medical Mission Trip to Ecuador

Stateline spine doctor Fred Sweet on a medical mission trip to Ecuador this past May.


Doctor Fred Sweet says "it's really a religious avocation for me to go to help people who don't otherwise have the ability to get help."


Sweet along with thirty seven volunteers treated more then six hundred patients. Those patients likely would not have gotten medical care without their visit.


Sweet says "places in Ecuador and other third world countries, they can travel hundreds of miles and there may not even be a hospital or to be turned away. They just don't have any capability to get any medical care at all.


In an effort to provide preventive healthcare, each patient was given two months worth of hygiene products, and lessons on washing their hands.


Sweet says "the problem in this culture and society, it's very hard for them to maintain basic hygiene that we think of. Most of them have never seen a bar of soap.


Doctor Sweet says it's a huge reminder that basic healthcare should not be taken for granted.


Sweet says "compared to some of the world countries, our poorest of poor have it unbelievable good. They can go to the emergency room whether they have money or not and eventually be seen."


The trip was a life changing experience for everybody involved.


Sweet says "a lot of the college kids that went down there with us, I told them several times you're really benefitting from this more then the people we're serving."

For more information on medical missions and how you can help out please visit.

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