Rockford Hauntings at Burpee Museum

- ROCKFORD -- Stateline residents are getting a chance to explore two possible haunted Rockford mansions.

Paranormal tour group "Haunted Rockford" partnered with Paranormal Investigations of Milwaukee (PIM) to give residents the 'ghost hunting' experience.  Participants were able to travel through the Manny mansion and the Barnes mansion -- in an actual paranormal investigation.

PIM members say older buildings are usually suspected of paranormal activity for a number of reasons. "The Barnes mansions has a lot of history with it. It was built a long time ago. And as with things that are old... A lot of times there are stories associated with it. Historically, when people had large homes, there were a lot of children that may have passed away there. They would hold wakes there. Those sorts of things have a macabre feel to them," says Noah Leigh, Founder of the organization.

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