Rockford Kids Win Bible Bowl Competition

- Akiaharia Davenport, Davion Mitchell, Jamesia Cavitt, and Jatayvion Jones are singing “we are the champions.”

The Rockford kids won a Statewide Bible Bowl Competition.The group of kids came from Gomez Baptist Church.Coach Billy Bates says “it was a great feeling to know that their hard work for three months (paid off.) We did a lot of things to get them prepared.

The competition consisted of four parts. Fill in the blank, direct quotes, a spelling bee, and a true false segment.

The coaches say that the experience helped the kids build teamwork, and character,The kids have made a huge inspiration amongst children of Gomez Chapel Church.

There are already some youngsters wanting to participate next year.

Bible Bowl Champion Jamesia Cavitt says “it’s like really exciting to see that we was there and made a difference in the community and can inspire kids.”

Jatayvion Jones agrees. He says “with so much bad things happening and to see us doing positive things, that’s good.The kids don’t plan on being one and done.

They hope to bring home the trophy once again next year.

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