Rockford Man Arrested for Allegedly Using Snowblower as a Weapon


Rockford- 53 year old Timothy Donovan of Rockford was arrested Sunday for reportedly attacking a Rockford Public Works Employee with a snowblower.

This happened after city workers told Donovan he could not blow snow into the street. That’s when police say Donovan shouted profanity at the workers, and then attacked.

Lt. Pat Hoey of the Rockford Police Department says the man “directed the shoot of his snowblower and started discharging snow at their truck. And actually the passenger was sitting in the truck with the window down and some snow went into the cab of the truck and hit them employee in the head and chest.”

Donovan is now being charged with aggravated battery and disorderly conduct. The incident happened in the 1400 block of Jackson Street. One neighbor couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Rockford resident Angie Aros says “it’s very crazy. Especially since it’s the holiday season and all they were asking him to do was not blow the snow in the street. It wasn’t that hard of a request.”

Lt. Pat Hoey says city ordinances during snow emergencies are there for the safety of Stateliners and should be followed.He says they issued nearly 120 snow ordinance parking tickets Sunday night alone.

Hoey says “people will complain that the streets aren’t plowed, the streets aren’t salted properly, yet they’re the ones making it more difficult for crews to get their jobs done efficiently.”

During snow emergencies, city council gives public works crews the authority to give Stateliners citations during those times.

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