Rockford Man Asking RPS To Step In and Protect His Son From Bullying


Rockford- A community forum was held to brainstorm ideas about improving the Rockford Public Schools. But parent Steven Bowling used it to vent his frustration about his son T.J being bullied.


Bowling says “he’s been hit, kicked, beat up in the classroom, outside.”


T.J is a second grader at Whitehead elementary. His father says the bullying has gotten so bad that it’s become a risk to his health.


Bowling says “there was an incident last week of lead being put in his drinking water, and another student actually told him about it before he drank it thank God.”


Bowling has been reaching out to the Rockford Public Schools to take action. RPS Superintendent Ehren Jarret says the district has strict policies on bullying.


Jarret says “anytime a student has a concern we encourage them to go to their teacher and work with the principal to make sure that any particular issues that come up are addressed.”


Bowling says he wishes his son could go to school without worrying about his safety.  “It breaks my heart.” He says. “Because I wish I could do something about it, but obviously I can’t so I look at the teachers, the principals, maybe the superintendent.”


Bowling says some of T.J classmates have also complained about being bullied, but do not speak up for fear of being harassed more.

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