Rockford Man Dies After Multiple Gunshot Wounds

Rockford- Willie Curry stopped by Travoie Huggins's house to see if the phone calls he was receiving were true.


They were supposed to have dinner plans, but instead he's now mourning the loss of his son in law.


Curry says "everybody liked him. A ton of people liked him. This gone shock the whole town."


Neighbors say they heard gunshots near Huggins home on six twenty-four Cambridge Avenue.


The forty four year old man was found in his home dead after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. Neighbors say he lived there his whole life.


Next door neighbor Johnnie Cooper describes Huggins as a guy who was know by many in the community.


Cooper says "my blessings go out to the family. You know he was a good friend to me and my son here. And I'm going to be praying for all. But he's going to be very missed.


Cooper is still in shock that a murder could happen right next door to her.


She says "I haven't had any sleep because I been uncomfortable ever since this happened. You know losing a friend is really hurtful."   


Curry wants the city of Rockford to stop the violence.


Curry says "it's bad. You know all over the city it's bad. I just said the other day who was going to be next."


Now Curry's granddaughter has to go through life without her father.


If you know any information on the shooting please contact Crime Stoppers at
(815) 987-5863

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