Rockford Mayor Defends Police Chief at Coffee Talk

- ROCKFORD, IL--A conversation which was billed as a discussion about manufacturing starts off on a much more controversial topic.

Mayor Larry Morrissey used a morning coffee talk to publicly defend his embattled chief of police.

He spent a good deal of time on the topic, in an attempt to build community support for his controversial chief of police.

Those attending the coffee talk at Southern Imperial may have been surprised by the shake-up.

The president of the Rockford Police BPA, Terrence Peterson, said, “Obviously he's so distracted by it, and the only one who, well it's not true the only one, but in reality, he could correct it."

The mayor spoke for a length of time about the chief of police, who is currently in the middle of a very public case.

While some may not have expected that topic to come up, others thought it was the right time and place for Epperson talk.

"We all, you know, are concerned about the hot issues in the community right now, and the mayor took an opportunity to address a hot topic,” said Michael Nicholas, the president of RAEDC

A complaint against chief Epperson has been brought against him by the police union.

It will be heard in a couple of weeks by the fire and police commission.

In the meantime, the mayor appears to be the only one speaking out publicly on the issue right now.

"It was a good opportunity for the mayor to talk to some of the leaders in the community and clarify his position; I thought he did a great job,” said Nicholas.

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