Rockford Musician Says Police Shot Out His Van Window

- Rockford- Rockford Musician Harlan Jefferson says the shattered windows in his van came from a bullet fired by a Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy during a police pursuit.

Jefferson says “when I got out my van I realized that it had to be a gunshot. And I had an individual that said he seen an officer shoot off his gun and hit the vehicle.”

It happened Friday night after a deputy attempted to stop a car being driven by 19 year old Anthony Perez. Perez matched the description of a murder suspect.

During the pursuit that followed, Jefferson says an officer fired at Perez’s car and ended up hitting his car instead. Jefferson called 9-1-1 while the pursuit sped past him.

Jefferson says “I don’t know the law and policies and particulars and you know should they have grounds to do certain things depending on what’s going on. I know a murder suspect being involved versus a jaywalker is a little bit different.”

Still the ordeal left him stunned. He says “I’m not sure if they were shooting at me because they thought I was the murderer or it was an accident. I was just surprised and shocked.”

Jefferson tells Eyewitness News that he received a phone call from the Belvidere Police Department hoping to look at the damage.

We did put in a call to the Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy requesting a copy of their police pursuit procedure, but have not received it yet.

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