Rockford on Miserable Cities List

- "If all the jobs that are available are minimum wage $9 dollar an hour jobs and you have a family that has to be disheartening to try to get ahead of that," said Tyler Hillman an instructor at Northern Illinois Electrical Training Center. (see attached video)

Low pay and a lack of respect that's how Rockford earned the label of having the fifth most miserable workers in the country.

"I agree and I disagree. Mainly I agree. Honestly, said Theo Walker a Rockford resident.

Adding to the misery, Gallup researchers also cited the area's high unemployment rate which currently stands at 10.9 percent.

"I think its the loss of manufacturing and in small industry," said Hillman.

"The city doesn't offer that much," said Walker.

Experts say there isn't a shortage of jobs in the area, it's the lack of qualified workers to fill them.

"Young people need to realize that to stay in school graduating shows a willingness to complete what they start," said Hillman.

Hillman is not one of those unhappy workers.

"Going to the electrical union was the best thing that ever happened to me and that's the truth,." said Hillman.

And he plans on working in the stateline for years to come. But, for Theo Walker,  he plans on getting out as soon as possible.

"Probably three years the max i'm out of here," said Walker.

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