Rockford Park Rebuilds After 2012 Vandalism

- ROCKFORD - A Rockford Park that was destroyed two years ago is now back and better than ever, Eyewitness News talked with the Rockford Park District, and the Greater Rockford Area Baseball League to hear why they believe this will have a positive impact on the community.

There is plenty of room to run, jump, and of course play baseball at Rockford’s new and improved Talcott Page Memorial Park. Laurie Anderson of the Rockford Park District said public parks make a large difference in the community. “Neighbors come together at parks, whether they play on a playground, or at a ball field, so this is really important to the health of a neighborhood.”

The Rockford Park District has been working on rebuilding the playground since 2012, and unveiled the sports themed recreational area Saturday. This park was burned down and destroyed by vandals back in 2012, but that did not stop the Rockford Park District from rebuilding an even better playground, and a stronger community. “We worked with all of the players, and the parents, and volunteers at the park to dedicate this park here with a baseball theme for everyone to enjoy.” Said Anderson.

The new playground is constructed of steel and metal to stop future vandalism and the revamped model has equipment suitable for all ages and abilities, and includes a handicap accessible area.  The Greater Rockford Area Baseball League worked with the Rockford Park District to make this change possible, and with five leagues and athletes from four years old and up. Dennis Raybon, President of the Greater Rockford Baseball League is hopeful the project will shine light on the positive impact the teams have on the community. “It is a very safe environment; the parents can see their kids play on the playground, as well as playing on the field. So, this is a great location.”
City of Rockford Alderman Linda McNeely, said she is happy to see the 13th ward has received a new attraction, and hopes the park district can continue to expand to other parts of the city. “This is really exciting for the kids; it gives them something to do, to really occupy them physically. Education is certainly very important, but physical is equally important.”

For more information on The Greater Rockford Area Baseball League, visit for more information.

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