Rockford Police Investigating A Brutal Homicide

Rockford- Yellow tape surrounds the house of sixty three year old James Schoenherr. Police found him dead in Sawyer Road home in the bath tub with his hands tied behind his back.


One neighbor who asked to remain unidentified was fearful something was wrong.


The neighbor says "I told Herbie call 911 something isn't right. And my other neighbors were concerned because they had not seen him since he put his garbage out Tuesday."


Neighbor Scott Watson was in shock to see the scene at his neighbor's house.

Watson says "it hits home. I'm so close. Just three-two doors down.


According to Rockford Police, Schoenherr also had his home broken into Sunday night. Neighbors say he was able to fend off the intruder with mace. He kept mace due to his feeling that he was constantly being followed.


Schoenherr told neighbors he moved here from Chicago last year after a deadly gunfight.


The unidentified neighbor says "a gentleman had a gun, and he pulled his gun out and shot the gentleman in self defense. And the other man got away. Therefore the city had taken it upon themselves to bring him here."


Meanwhile at Rockford's Ephesians' Baptist Church, cars lined up to pay their respects to murder victim forty-four year old Travoie Huggins. He was found dead in his home last Saturday.


Many at the funeral wore t-shirts in support of their lost loved one.


Longtime friend of Huggins Donna Poe says "I'm sad. I'm real sad. It's hard to understand."

If you know any information on the death please contact Crime Stoppers at (815) 987-5863

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