Rockford Police Review 2011 Crime Numbers

Crime in Rockford fell last year.

Even though many residents feel the city is more dangerous.

Robberies jumped, but so did their arrest rate.

The Police have set new goals for 2012 based on 2011's results.

Robberies kept police on their toes in 2011. With about one and a half occurring each day. But the Police Chief says most other crimes fell.

"If you're a victim of crime and you hear the numbers are down, you're not seeing that, but what's taking place in the City of Rockford on a daily basis, we're engaging with our community, we're targeting high end offenders."

Epperson says his officers will continue focusing on Robberies in the new year. As well as firearms.

"Robberies are rather easy to commit, you get an illegal gun, you commit a robbery to some commercial business or individual."

Police cleared 26 percent of their total robbery cases last year. A little higher than the national average for Rockford's size. But if you separate out business robberies, police beat their mark.

"We put together several details throughout the last quarter of the year and made several arrests and cleared several individuals, so our armed robbery clearance rate was slightly over 40 percent."

But police expect the robberies to continue. Burglaries seem to have fallen out of favor with criminals.

"They're going to do a robbery because they can get the cash rather than doing a burglary to get property, and then taking that to a drug house to exchange for drugs."

"Certainly target hard the individuals that are creating a problem, a small percentage that are driving up the violent crime in the City of Rockford."

And the Chief says 2011 had at least one positive.

"How we connected with the larger community, with our community policing, and with our citizens, our citizens, great cooperation."

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