Rockford Police Union Wants Independent Investigation

Rockford Police Union President Terrence Peterson stood with other members of PBPA Unit 6 to call for an independent investigation into an incident involving Rockford Police Chief Chet Epperson.

"With all the controversy we want the public put at ease and our members put at ease by knowing that there's a full, fair, impartial, and independent investigation conducted by preferably the Mayor's Office and the Board of Fire and Police Commission," said Peterson.

At issue; a welfare check call at the home of Rockford NAACP President Lloyd Johnston on October 30th.

Johnston told us he didn't want to the let the officers inside his home. That's when he called Chief Epperson on his cell phone. What happened next is in dispute.

Johnston had his cell phone on speaker. Chief Epperson told Johnston not to let the officers in the house and that a supervisor is on the way. The officers then say Epperson told them to leave. Johnston says Chief Epperson did not.

Police confirm an internal investigation is underway into what happened. The union doesn't believe that's enough.

"We don't think it's fair that the investigation be conducted by people that he employs to do internal investigations. We think it needs to go to the Board of Fire and Police Commission who actually is the entity that has the authority to investigate the Chief and hires and fires," said Peterson.

As for Johnston he feels he's caught in the middle.

"I’m kind of caught in the crossfire between those two entities and this is sad. It’s a sad commentary on what we as the citizens of Rockford have to deal with," said Johnston.

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