Rockford Prepares for "Power House Storm"

- ROCKFORD – The public works department has been focusing on one thing only today to make sure they're ready for Thursday, clearing ice away from storm drains.  It isn't the most glamorous job, but when it comes to preventing flooding it's one of the most important. “When you drive on down here and you got a lake in the middle of the road, there's a drain plug some place. And we'll find it."  To prepare for the storm, Keith Charles Grasley and his team are working hard at the corner of Alpine and Spring Creek Rd. “That's the hardest part is just to dig it out and find it.  Once the water finds it, it's a done deal. It'll just clear itself out by itself."

Water flowing into storm drains; it's what the city and residents alike want to hear.  Patrick Sanders has lived off rural street for years now and says flooding is a constant problem, “The water would be all the way across the street, almost up at the houses and flooding the yards and everything."

And when it rains hard, the snow can melt fast.  Sanders says, “Yeah I am a little bit worried about it, I guess. Look at all this snow around here."

That's got Rockford Public Works on stand by to prepare for the worst.  Grasley explains, “They're gonna call us back in at 2:30 in the morning to get ready for tomorrow." He says they'll have their fleet of plows ready to go if they need to salt the roads, “I feel that I’m doing a service to the city...we get every now and then people that roll down their window and say 'thank you.'"

And Sanders appreciates all the city does to try to prevent flooding.  Because this is the outcome he's hoping for: “No flooding, no wet basements, no mold, haha."

Grasley says it's not possible for the city to get to every storm drain before the wet weather, but they're trying to clear all the ones that have caused problems in the past.  That's typically at the bottom of hills and low-lying areas.

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