Rockford Public Schools Could Get An Extreme Makeover

- ROCKFORD - The Rockford School Board met today to discuss the details of the plans that could close down up to nine local schools. The said that they are confident these plans could change the community for the better, but understand the community has mixed reviews.

The three plans offer different options for development. Plan A would shut down seven local elementary schools and build additions for fifteen schools, but would not allow funding for building new elementary schools. Plan B would close down eight schools, and make additions to fourteen schools, Plan B also has 7 million dollars for construction costs of new schools. Finally Plan C closes down nine schools, and will have thirteen schools with additions. There is also a 34 million dollar fund for building new elementary schools included. The district says that combining the smaller elementary schools would allow them to hire more teachers, and get more money from the state. The Rockford School Board said each plan will cost $250 million dollars, they money is coming from a bond referendum back that was passed back in November of 2012.

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