Rockford Resident's Cry for Help Is Answered

ROCKFORD, IL -- Last September, Evera Moreland's home on Waldo Street went up in flames.

In an extraordinary case of bad luck, following the fire, her house was burglarized in December -- twice.

During the first break in, the burglars stole dishes and copper piping. When the home was burglarized the second time, her water heater was stolen, which resulted in flooding to her finished basement.

Carolyn Ferguson, from Lacledes Heart Ministries, a religious organization in Rockford, heard Moreland's story on the news and wanted to help.

Ferguson arranged for volunteers from the Korean Central United Methodist Church in Mount Prospect to spend a week of their time in Rockford, repairing the house.

"Now I’ve been blessed with a crew out of Mount Prospect and we've been just going at it all the week trying to get her back in to her home,” said Ferguson.

Daniel Kim, a student volunteer, said, "We just felt empowered to help her."

Ferguson and the students covered the charred paint with bright colors, removed melted siding, and cleaned the home.

"I think it's the duty of a citizen of America to help others in need,” said Kim.

The volunteers have been a huge help in getting Moreland back into her home.

“She came in the other day and she…her eyes were filled with tears and she just said, I can not believe this,” said Ferguson, "she will be coming home soon.”

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