Rockford Residents Dealing with High Water Bills

- Rockford- Keep those faucets running. That’s what Rockford city officials are asking residents even though the weather is warming up. They say the ground is still frozen while will freeze up pipes.

The running water at all times will raise your water bill. City officials say they will reimburse Stateliners.

Water Superintendent Tim Holdemann says “if they do show above average usage, in other words their water bill will be higher then normal. We will give them a credit based on the amount of water above normal they have used.”

The city can only reimburse you by you telling them why your bill is so high. They want to make sure that it is because you are using it to prevent your pipes from freezing and not because for personal use.

But some residents are skeptical the city will not reimburse them. Blake Smith and his wife say they are keeping their faucets off.

Smith says “we’re on social security, our money is a little limited here so we gotta be a little frugal of what’s going on.”

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