Rockford Residents Fed up with Murders

Rockford- The emptiness at Andrews Park matched the mood in the community where fifteen year old Christian McGrady was shot in the head. He died Saturday.

Rockford Resident Virginia Franklin says "it was a sad and big blow to me. He was one of the nicest kids in the neighborhood."

Franklin has never soon Rockford this violent. She says "it hurts to see so many of our young boys. Especially our black boys being murdered."  

The Rockford Anti Racism Network is fed up with Rockford crime as well. They held a march Sunday Night.

Matthew Johnson-Doyle of the organization says "here in Rockford we've had a spade of violence in the last month."

He continues "It's shocking and unacceptable and there's a need for citizens to step in and say this is not ok. And we value these lives. They're important to us and we don't want this to continue."

Carolyn Benford is a grandmother, and also runs a local daycare. The recent strings of murders have her on edge.

Benford says "what I'd prefer for my grand children to do is play in the backyard. My daycare children and my grandchildren play in the backyard. This way I can see you, and I got my eye on you at all times."

She would like to see more mentors around the community stepping up and working with at risk youths.

Benford says "I can educate the young people that come around me. How to dress yourself better and how to maintain your respect around the young brothers. So there's a lot of things that we can do. We just have to step up to the plate and start doing it.

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