Rockford Residents Worried About Ukraine and its Sister City

By Phillip Reed |

Published 07/17 2014 09:14PM

Updated 07/17 2014 09:32PM

Rockford- The bond between the Rockford non-profit Kids Around The World and Ukraine is twenty years strong. The group built multiple playgrounds in Rockford’s sister city in Ukraine is Brovery.

Mike Young of Kids Around the World says he grew fond of Ukraine when he did church work there near the Russian border. That’s where a Malaysian passenger jet was shot down. Hundreds of people, including dozens of Americans lost their lives. The crash happened in an area where tension is high between the Russians and Ukrainians, but it’s unclear who fired the missile.

Young says “the wars that are happening there, it’s a shame. It’s a power struggle between two governments and the people that are paying the price are the innocent people on the side.”

Dr. Tom Clinton of First Love International Ministries recently opened a mission in Ukraine. He’s telling his members to steer clear from dangerous situations such as large crowds, and mob actions and demonstrations.

But he says now is not the time for his church to leave. Clinton adds “for them to just walk out, they’d feel like they’re deserting their friends right now in a time of need.”

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