Rockford Roundabout Hoping to Boost Business

- Rockford- Korean War vet Jerome Hobel is honored the city of Rockford dedicated the Auburn and Main roundabout to those who served.

Hobel says I never knew it was for the veterans, but I really appreciate it.”

After months of construction,the two lane roundabout is complete. Rockford City Engineer Matthew Vitner came by to take a quick peak and see how things were going.

Vitner says the city decided to open the roundabout on Sunday so travelers could get a feel for it in a more casual setting.

He sees the ten million dollar roundabout project as a way of providing a boost to the businesses in the area.

Vitner says “it’s gonna foster some economic development potential here. Not only for the existing property owners but for some of these vacant properties that are around it.”

That’s good news for the Bar Rathskellers. They’re looking to bounce back after a cough couple of months during the construction.

Manager Mike Dupre says “it was the slowest summer we’ve ever had.”

City officials say the roundabout will also create identity for the neighborhood. Dupree agrees. After reading up on roundabouts, he sees his business going full circle.

Dupre says “we’re really glad that it’s finally pen and you know the long term benefits will surely outweigh the short duration of time that we had with a really slow summer.”

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