I-Cash Program Returns Money the State Owes You

- Boone County residents learn a little more than they expected from their trip to the Ida Public Library in Belvidere.
They discovered how they could soon have more than ten dollars extra in their pocket.

"It could be ten dollars or more then the two from our businesses are one-hundred dollars or more," said Bonnie Brown, Boone County resident.

"Anytime there's unexpected money that comes up that's a good thing," said Debbie Bloom, Director at Ida Public Library. 

Bonnie Brown says she's glad she made the trip to the library although she had no idea the state owed her money.

"Maybe its prescription money I paid to much on or something. I'm not sure yet." 

Even the Library Director, Debbie Bloom discovered she's owed some green.

"I looked up my name and my mother had some money so we're in the process of filling out finding the paper work," said Bloom.  

I-cash representative Virginia Wood says a lot of people are still not aware of the program.

"If they did I think they'd be making claims cause it's a fairly simple process. People's usual reaction is: Oh, I don't know I don't have anything it's not me and turns out it is so they're very pleasantly surprised."

Wood says the process to get your money is simple but it really depends on the claim.

"It can be just as simple as a copy of your drivers license and find your social security number sign it and send it in. So, it just depends on the type of claim that it is."

For more information you can visit the I-cash website: https://icash.illinois.gov/

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