Rockton Residents React to Suspected Murderer Found in their Village

- Rockton-The old sand trap building in Rockton is where the chase for Terence Doddy started. Police found Doddy hiding out in a wooded area behind the vacant Rockton bar. What once was a popular local hangout---is now run down and covered in leaves. Sharon booker's daughter lives nearby.

Sharon Booker says “What scared me the most is my daughter living here. I knew he was in this area and that scared me more than anything that my little granddaughters also lives here and I was so scared that he might get in their house or something, or that they might be outside."
Booker used to work at the Mobil gas station by the QVSM call center. That is where Doddy's alleged first murder took place. He allegedly killed his friend Todd Hansmeier, and then tried burning the body

Booker says "Whether he came in or not, I couldn't say, I don't remember. It's just shocking to know that you worked that close to somebody."

Sand trap is across the street from red barn golf course, golfers there say they can tee off easier now. Golfer Mike Cleary says "The situation at the rest stop would put fear in anybody. Just a random act, you just stop to take a break on the road and somebody kills you to take their car
Mike Cleary is referring to Doddy's alleged second murder at a rest stop near Paw Paw. Police say he killed Tonya Bargman and stole her Nissan Altima.
That was the car Doddy crashed during his chase with police Friday. The Altima veered off highway 81 west of Beloit- and hit a tree after running over stop sticks laid down by police.

Rockton Residents are grateful Doddy is behind bars before there was another victim.
Michelle Dietrich of Rockton says (I am) “relieved, very happy that they caught him without any other additional incidents happening.”

Doddy now faces murder and aggravated domestic battery charges.

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