RPS 205 Closing Plan Now In Hands Of School Board

- ROCKFORD - The community was able to take a closer look at the facilities plan Tuesday, and find out more about which RPS 205 schools are slated to close.

The task force broke down the Rockford public schools facilities plan at community meeting. The plan would take 10 years and cost $250 million. It would add two new schools, thirteen additions and close eight schools. The district pointed out several issues as reasons for the closures and consolidations. They say many of the schools have large vacancies and few resources, which the district believes would be fixed by the facilities plan.

District 205 says that no one should lose their jobs due to the closures because they will still have the same number of students. Instead, they are just moving the students to other buildings. The idea is to improve all 49 schools in the district. The task force says that they are only recommending this plan to the school board, but some community members feel it is already set in stone. "A lot of the community members feel that this is a done deal, and it is kind of sad. It would be nice to see more community involvement." said Kate Schnell, a community member.

The board votes on the plan August 12th.

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