RPS Confirms Two Cases of Whooping Cough

This is video of the pain of Pertussis, or whooping cough, it leaves its young victims literally gasping for air. The illness disguises itself as a typical upper respiratory infection.
"If you have the symptoms of Pertussis they actually initially start off much like any other kind of respiratory infection. They may have a fever, they may have a runny nose, and a little mild cough," said Winnebago County Health Department Supervisor Mary Weyand.

But it gets much worse and whooping cough affects young children the worst.

"So if you have somebody that's not protected by the vaccine and has those kinds of symptoms. They could be spreading that disease to other unvaccinated or young babies that would put them at risk," Weyand.

Now there are two confirmed cases at RPS.

Rockford District 205 sent a letter home to Swan Hillman Elementary School parents and Rolling Green Elementary School parents to tell them about a confirmed case of whooping cough at both buildings.

It’s why many Rockford Elementary School parents are taking extra precautions.

"They constantly wash their hands, they sanitize. They don't like germs at all," said RPS Mom Heather. 

And even kids who have been vaccinated should take extra precautions; including learning how to cough.

"The hand in the elbow, cover your cough, and wash your hands," said Weyand.

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