RPS Making Sure School Buses Run In the Cold


Rockford--Local bus drivers will have to deal with a lot of elements this upcoming winter.


Bus driver Peggy Mosley says “as the snow builds up though, it gets harder and harder because you know people that park their cars on the roads make the roads more narrow. And it does get kind of tricky sometimes we can’t get down the side streets.”


Rockford Public Schools say they have crews coming in earlier during the winter months making sure their buses run properly. With wind chills dropping below zero, keeping kids warm also becomes a priority.


RPS Transportation Director Greg Wilson says “well our concern is that with the temperatures getting down as low as they do and the wind chill, children can get frostbite and at any time we want to provide a service that the buses are there in a minimal amount of time.”


School officials advice students find a place to keep warm at while they wait for the bus.

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