RPS Parents Take Stand Against Bullying

ROCKFORD- “Stop the bullying!” shouted protesters standing outside of the Rockford Public Schools administration building.

Fifth grader Adrian Ramirez says the taunts go beyond hurtful words.  "He's the one that gives me bruises on my back," explained Ramirez.

Ramirez says He's told his teacher dozens of times about the bruises and cuts from other kids.

"My kid gets bullied by kids and then gets in trouble," said RPS Mom Amanda Hinkle.

RPS parents like Monica Rodriguez explains it's not just students bullying students

"The principals are bullying the teachers. Teachers are bullying teachers, and the students are getting bullied terribly,” said Rodriguez.

One former RPS teacher who refused to go on camera says the bullying starts at the top with administration and principals.

District 205 released this statement "when district staff becomes aware of any issue that threatens a student's safety or welfare - including bullying - such issues are taken very seriously and investigated. When an allegation or threat is found to be credible, district staff acts properly to address the threat.”

Rodriguez says staff doesn't address the threats or bullying incidents. She believes the school board is doing nothing to stop the issue.

"I think if Rockford School District would step up and do what they're supposed to do, like the code of conduct says on RPS 205 then we'd be better off," said Rodriguez.

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