Second Day of the Kody Walsh Murder Trial Wraps Up

ROCKFORD- One by one friends of the shooting victim Lori Daniels, 36, took the stand.
Daniel’s boyfriend Cory Pulliam was waiting for her to come home from State Street Station in Rockford that night.

"I got concerned in the morning because it's not like her to not show up," explained Pulliam.

Daniels was visiting a friend who worked at the bikini bar and got a ride with Kody Walsh, 24, and Ebert Davison.

"She told me that he stays close to her boyfriend’s house. That she would just get dropped off, or they'd go back to his house and she'd just walk to his boyfriend’s house from there," said Demetrious Scott who was with Daniel’s on the night of September 8, 2012.

But the trouble started before that fateful car ride. Wiping away tears, State Street Station employee Jordan Wisdom says Walsh showed her a gun.

"It had to have been a smaller gun because I don't think he could still have that in his pocket. It wasn't all the way out. But it was in his pocket still. And he had it gripped in his hand," testified Wisdom.

Video showed Walsh eventually kicked Davison out of his own SUV leading police on a chase with Daniel’s dead body inside the car with him.

Beloit Police Officer Jeff Loveland says he found Davison distraught, Walsh on the run. 

"He was crying, glassy eyes or face. I could smell an odor of intoxicants coming from him and he was screaming and yelling," said Loveland.

Walsh would escape, but was caught in Tennessee after a weeklong manhunt. Walsh’s lawyer will argue it was Davison who pulled the trigger, but he'll have to wait. Prosecutors continue calling witnesses tomorrow morning.


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