Sen. Syverson Disappointed with Quinn Veto of Uniform 70mph Speed Limit

ROCKFORD -- Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) is expressing his disappointment with Governor Pat Quinn's veto of a bill he co-sponsored which would have set a uniform speed limit on Illinois interstates and tollways in the Chicago area. The bill followed legislation last year which raised speed limits on rural interstates and tollways from 65mph to 70mph. However, Chicago area interstates and tollways were kept at 55mph.

“When we passed legislation to raise speed limits to 70," Syverson said in a news release, "it was with the clear intention that it would apply to all interstates and tollways. This bill was meant to clarify that, but now Quinn used his veto power and decided not to apply the new limits to the toll highways and other areas, creating a hodgepodge of different limits that confuse drivers and reduce safety.”

Syverson said the legislation was meant to improve safety by creating more uniform speed limits statewide, and the increase to 70mph on highways outside of Chicago seem to back him up. Fatalities statewide are down significantly. “For decades, studies have shown that vehicles travelling at a uniform speed are safer,” said Syverson. “Different limits in different areas leads to drivers speeding up and slowing down, which will cause more accidents. Plus, the confusion over different limits causes more motorists to receive speeding tickets.”

Syverson also points out that in the Governor’s veto message he acknowledged that more than 90% of drivers on the state’s toll highways already travel at 70 mph or more.

There is the possibility the legislature could override the veto since it overwhelmingly passed the Senate 48-6 and the House with 111-4.

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