Should You Wash Your Car When It's So Cold Out?

This is what's probably below your car right now and this is a lot like how yours probably looks (see attached video). The never ending snow and extremely cold temperatures have made it difficult for stateliners to keep their cars clean. But is it ok if you don't wash your car when its so cold out?

"This is packed up and rusting away at your vehicle constantly," said Todd Liston President at Auto Body Specialists.

That Liston says you should still wash your car regularly or else it could cost you thousands of dollars.

"We recommend once a month in this kind of weather to get a vehicle in let it be inside overnigh, at least where it's warm and allow all the chunks of ice and snow to melt out from underneath the vehicle then a good car wash and a coat of wax on the vehicle," said Liston. 

And even though temperatures have been extremely cold this winter a car wash manager says they have still been busy.

"I'm amazed how many people wash their cars even in the extreme cold weather," said Bienvenido Hayag, Manager at Auburn Car Wash.

"Im washing my car now because im quite meticulous about being clean," said Dawud Basheer a stateliner who washes his car often. 

So come snow or cold if you want to protect your vehicle get in line.

"It's 20 degrees and they want to wash their car," said Hayag.

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