Snowfall in The Stateline Leads to Many Crashes

- Rockford- Snow and icy conditions led to many crashes across the Stateline. On The corner of Latham and Old River Road, a Ford Escape crashed into a Chevy pickup truck. Robert Knaar was the driver.

Knaar says “my truck slid thru the stop sign and ran into another vehicle.”

A member of the US Army National Guard, Knaar says this weather is a lot different from last year when he was stationed in Georgia.

But for tow truck drivers this snow is white gold for them. A to Z tow truck driver Bill Wishard  says they have been getting slammed with calls from drivers in need of help.

Wishard says “we do look forward to the snow. We’re kind of doomsdayers. All the snow guys like to go out in the cold and play in the snow. It’s how we make our living."

Knarr cautions drivers saying “stay driving slow as possible. Stop back further unlike me. So this doesn’t happen to you too.”

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