Some Crime Rates Drop, But Domestic Abuse Is Still A Problem

- ROCKFORD - The problem of domestic violence in Rockford was in full display at Thursday’s RockStat meeting.

Doug Pann, the Assistant Deputy Chief of Rockford Police said domestic disturbances are a constant struggle.  “we have really focused in on domestic violence as one of the drivers of crime in the community”

Rockford police officers respond to several domestic disturbances during a single shift. “they are typically going to 3 or 4 domestics every shift that they work” said Pann

Some homes are on the Rockford Police disturbance list, repeatedly.  Pann said” I know we may have to go to a home once, but we shouldn’t have to go twice or three times within a week or a two week period. Not because we mind doing that, but because that victim is in need of other resources”

The Rockford Police Department and the City of Rockford say that victims are not alone in the fight against domestic violence.  There are a large number of faith based community helpers and churches that are going to join in to help prevent domestic disputes. 

Assistant Deputy Chief Pann said “if someone is a victim of domestic violence they are more likely to go to their church for help first”

The city also has many other departments like human services, working to find solutions to this problem.  George Davis, the executive director of the City Of Rockford’s human services department. Davis said the way to fix the problem, is to teach the youth. “educating children, and the youth and entire families on ways to deal with conflict can help the city”

The City of Rockford and the Rockford Police Department are reaching out to faith based community leaders in an effort to have them join in the fight.  “victims of domestic violence are more likely to go to their church, or place of worship to talk about the problem” said Pann.

If you are a victim of domestic violence or know someone who needs help, the Rockford police department is there to help.  Deputy Chief Pann said “the victims need to know that they are not alone, they can call the police for help, or information on counseling services”.

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