Some Stateline Retailers Could Stop Selling Cigarettes

- ROCKFORD - Twenty-eight attorneys general from 24 states, three U.S. territories and Washington, D.C. are pressuring five retailers, including Walgreens and Wal-Mart Stores, to follow the move by CVS Caremark Corp. to end sales of tobacco.

Many Stateline smokers use tobacco products in their everyday life, and feel this is an inconvienence.

"if you can not go to buy cigarettes in your neighborhood, where do  you go to buy them? some people do not have cars, so they are going to have to take the bus, it would mean a lot more walking, and a lot more traveling to buy your cigarettes." said Dominiqua Fairchild, a Stateline smoker.

Fairchild has been smoking for over a decade, and says that although some major retailers could stop selling her cigarettes, she is not worried. "it wont stop anyone from smoking, if we want to smoke, we are going to find a way to smoke"

The Swedish American Wellness Center, which opened at the beginning of March, has programs to help Stateliner's who are trying to quit using tobacco. Ann Sammons, the manager of the Better Wellness Center said "quitting smoking is difficult, so having some type of program, or help group that you can come to is really beneficial when quitting"

The Swedish American Better Wellness Center says that short term effects of quitting are stressful, but the long term benefits are worth it.
"even just after twenty minutes, they are able to breathe better, and the carbon monoxide levels in their system, just after a few hours improves" said Sammons.

Sammons said that if Stateline smokers do want to stop the cigarette cycle, they can do it one step at a time.  "i would ask the smoker to continue to consider reducing their tobacco intake, or try and quit, because the benefits are rapid" 


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