Speedy School Zone Leaves 3 Students Injured So Far This Year

- LOVES PARK - On one busy street in Loves Park there have already been three injuries of students who have gotten hit by cars when crossing the street. For hundreds of students in Loves Park it’s a dangerous and risky trek to get to and from school safely.

Cars whiz past on Windsor Street in Loves Park, blowing right past young students who are looking to cross to get to and from school. One student who lives directly across the street from Windsor Elementary said the cars never slow down.  “They don’t stop, only unless you like walk across, then they will stop.” Said 

There have already been three students injured this year alone from crossing in this busy school zone, and just months ago Natalia Esquivel saw her two friends get hit after leaving school and heading home. “I was walking with my friends, and I saw a whole bunch of cops there and I just saw her lying down and it was really scary.”

Now, another student was hit Friday while crossing the street on his bike, this time it was a 4th grader. “The truck had a Green light, and he crossed.” Said Esquivel

It’s a common mistake for young kids who are trying to cross the street, especially when there are no crossing guards.  Students told Eyewitness News that there are some crossing guards stationed near the school, but not where the accident happened at the intersection of Windsor and Elm, which is where Friday’s accident happened. It is known to be the busiest intersection near the two schools, and it has never been occupied by a crossing guard. “They should probably have more crossing guards, like over their kids just have to run across to get to school, and it is really unsafe.” Said Esquivel

Parents say that if there are any crossing guards, they leave within minutes of the final bell. “They leave around 3:00, like fifteen minutes after school gets out, so, if you  are not out right when school gets done, then there is no crossing guard there.”

The 4th grade boy who was hit by the pick up truck has a broken collar bone and a minor concussion.

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