Sports Ethics Expert From Rockford University Discusses 'Deflate gate'


Rockford- The Indianapolis colts threw a flag against the New England patriots, accusing them of cheating during their AFC championship game by deflating footballs. And that’s bringing up the question of ethics in football, and did the Patriots go the extra yard to beat the Colts?

 We asked sports ethics expert professor Shawn Klein of Rockford University about the pigskin problem that's now being called deflate gate Klein says "If someone in the patriots was tampering with the football in this way knowing that the football would be under-inflated for the game, that is wrong. ..."

But Klein tells Eyewitness News deflate gate is a minor violation, and he's not sure how much deflating a football can help a team. And he doesn't believe it changed AFC championship game's outcome.

Klein adds "They played the second half with regulation footballs apparently, and Brady was arguably a lot better in .the second half.”

But deflate gate has turned the patriots into villains in the eyes of many--- Klein says the Patriot's Super Bowl opponents--the Seattle Seahawks are gaining more members to their 12th man fan club for Sunday’s showdown.

Because football fans want the see the Patriots and their alleged deflated footballs come spiraling down. Klein says "Now America has that, even right or wrong whether or not the patriots even did anything, there still is this sort of good guy bad guy, and I think that is attractive to some people  ..."

He says the NFL's poor handling of deflate gate is just one of the many reasons the league has an ethics problem, and says a change in leadership would help tackle the problem. He says "I think it does stem from the top with Goddell I’ve long said from the start of next season, I don't think he will be the commissioner and I don't think he should be.”

The NFL is still investigating the Patriots over the incident.


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