State Agency Breaking The Law, Not Being Disciplined

SPRINGFIELD - If you disobey the law, you could get in trouble.  But, it's a different story for state agencies.

Central Management Services was mandated by law in 2012 to expand a state employee database to include city employees. But, they don't have the money to do it.  So, they haven't.

"I don't believe not having enough money gives you an excuse not to abide by the law" says Emmanuel Woods, an upset taxpayer.

In a statement CMS says, "At the time of this bill's hearing, CMS's preliminary estimate of the upfront cost of implementation was $480,000 and ongoing annual costs were $240,000 after year one."

Lawmakers like Representative Jack Franks who sponsored the legislation says money was never mentioned during the drafting of the bill.  Resident Amber Francis says she too doesn't have a strong budget, but that doesn't stop her from staying within the law.

"If I drive my vehicle without having insurance - if I can afford it or not - I still have to scrape together enough money to be able to be within the law."

Franks says he issued a letter to the Governor urging him to take action.

CMS told us in a statement that, "It will work with legislators, municipalities, and library districts to implement this law in the most cost effective and transparent way possible."

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