State Health Department Issues Warning as Cold Grips the Stateline

There won't be much of playing with Fido outside over the next few days. That’s because we're in store for the most consecutive hours below zero since 1996. State agencies are putting out warnings to keep people and animals from cold injuries.

"Also, they will need fresh water frequently or a heated water bowl to keep the water available instead of freezing," said Deputy Director of Winnebago County Animal Services Jennifer Stacy.

And even though the car might seem warm for pets Stacy warns not to keep your furry friends locked inside.

"Vehicles act as refrigerators during this time and they actually keep the cold in," explained Stacy.

Freezing also could have the potential to impact electric service. To report an outage ComEd says to text the word OUT to 2-6-6-3-3 or call 1 (800) EDISON 1. 

"We are not expecting any significant impact to our electric system from the current cold spell. We are closely monitoring the weather system," said ComEd External Affairs Director Paul Callighan.

In addition, the weather system is creating risks for carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from the misuse of space heaters, stoves, ovens and furnaces.

Rockford Fire Investigator Tim Morris says to watch for these signs and symptoms.

"Headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, and dizziness" said Morris.

So limit your time outside, even shoveling the next few days could cost you your life.

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