Stateline Business Booms At Local Expo

- ROCKTON - With talk of low revenue and struggling businesses on the Stateline, many believe that the local economy is suffering.  It was a different story at the RoRo Expo in Rockton, where over 150 business vendors flourished.

Ryan Rydell, the Vice President of the Rockton Chamber of Commerce said “when you can bring in 150 organizations and businesses into one area, it is always a wonderful feeling and everybody gets excited, I personally love it.”

The event has been going on for over two decades, and each year the positive impact grows.  Dennis McCorkle, the President of the Rockton Chamber of Commerce and the manager of McCorkle Furniture said  "I think that this helps boost the economy because again, it shows people what we have available at our disposal and it helps the business to come out and meet the customers, and that they usually do not do”

One of the small businesses at the event was the Tropical Delights Cafe, which will be opening in just a couple of weeks in Roscoe.  Fiona VauVau said the cafe will serve up food on the Stateline with a tropical twist. "we are introducing flavors of the tropics, my husband and I are originally from Fiji, so a lot of our foods, cupcakes and cakes, are going to have tropical infusion."

VauVau believes that the event gave her the boost of confidence she needed to succeed.  “being new in the industry, in this area, i really like this event because it gives us a chance to get to know the community, and for the community to get to know us.”

Other businesses like McCorkle’s Furniture store said they gain customers through the RoRo every year, and that is what makes it so special.   "ninety percent of the people that sign up, end up visiting the store, and some of them become lifetime customers" said McCorkle.

The event is not only great for the community, but for the Stateline economy as well.

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