Stateline Cities Preparing for Another Long, Expensive Winter

- Rockford- A long winter of ice and snow storms left snow plow drivers across the state working overtime to keep roads safe.

That eventually led to a shortage of road slat, and now the price is skyrocketing. Some cities won’t get much help from the state for this upcoming winter. Illinois is recommending hundreds of municipalities supply their own salt. Rockford is one of them.

Rockford Department of Public Works Director Tim Hanson says “all of us are going out and finding independent salt companies that will pick up our bid.”

Hanson says the city is facing a slippery slope. They could go with a salt vendor now, or wait and see if prices will drop. Regardless, the city could be paying 40% more for salt than last year. That money will come out of taxpayer’s pockets.

In the meantime, Stateline cities are preparing themselves for another long and expensive winter. Hanson says “we’re gonna have to bite the bullet this year when it comes to salt.”

The city hopes to have a salt vendor picked by September.

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