Stateline Construction Causing Long Delays

- ROCKFORD - The $5 million road project on Route 20 and the State Street interchange is now in progress, and many drivers are disappointed that yet another road will be ripped up for the Summer.

The ramp will remain open during all stages of construction, and the project is expected to be done by the end of the summer

Dozens of orange cones and construction markers line Route 20 and the State Street interchange in Rockford

Although cars flow freely now, that could all change Monday when the Illinois toll way workers start reconstructing the pavement connecting the ramps to state street slowing down traffic entering eastbound on I-90 from westbound State Street.

There up to 12,000 vehicles use the business U.S. Route 20/ State Street interchange daily.

Although locals could see longer travel times, the Illinois Tollway said the15 year, $12 billion move Illinois program will eventually relieve congestion around the Stateline, but that is the long term goal.

Traffic will be shifted during the pavement process and a 20 mile per hour work zone speed limit will be in place on the ramps, but the ramp will remain open.

Construction is being coordinated with the City of Rockford, the Village of Cherry Valley, Winnebago county and the Illinois department of transportation.

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