Stateline Drivers Could See Heavy Traffic Delays

- ROCKFORD - Thousands of Stateline drivers use the I-39 Ramp everyday, but June 2, 2014 the ramp will close from westbound U.S. 20 Interstate 39 to Southbound I-39 for one week for re-pavement. “I come through every day, so it will probably pose a big jam up.” Said Stateline truck driver Levonne Olek

The Illinois Department of Transportation officials say workers have to close the ramp because it is too narrow to repave and handle traffic at the same time, which drivers say is often quite heavy. In fact, it can get so busy that I.D.O.T will also close the westbound ramp from U.S. 20 to Alpine Road to help prevent backups and accidents. Olek travels over 9 hours on the Stateline highways each day, and says drivers need to pay close attention. “We all just got to be careful because it is going to pose a big problem”

The delays are not the only problem for drivers, there is also a detour. Traffic will be redirected to the Illinois 251/11th street exit; this is the exit where all the construction will start, as cars will be forced to get off the road. Cars will then re-enter on the east bound clover leaf ramp, and take that to I-39.

Many drivers say the detour will be confusing for drivers and could cause accidents.

“We are supposed to circle around and somehow head back to I-39. So it will be confusing when they are first putting it together.” Said Shannon Zuberbier, a Stateline driver.

Below Is  A Link To The Illinois Department Of Transportation Website, Explains Delays And Detours.

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