Stateline Football Coaches Putting Player Safety First

- The “two-a-day practices are over and it’s time for Stateline high school football players to take the field, Local parents will be paying close attention to their child’s health. To them, that’s a lot more important then winning a state championship.

Local high schools say they’re cracking down on concussion dangers.

Durand School District Athletic Director Peter Robertson says “back in the past when I played, and people that are old like me, you know you get your bell rung and the coach would just make sure your head was ok then put you back in. Well those days are gone.”

Durand High School has eighteen players on their varsity roster. Many of them have to play offense and defense. That means players taking more hits.

The school’s athletic director says communication between coach and their players is a must.

Robertson says “we’re also teaching those kids and educating those kids so if something’s not right, they need to let a coach know, or let an official know so we can have them taken out of the game.”

Football players in Rockford received a new state of the art helmet for this upcoming season. The district is constantly looking for way to upgrade equipment to reduce the risk of concussions.

Rockford Public Schools Athletic Director Mat Parker says “Taking blows to the head weather suffered in a car accident, or hockey, or a football game can have an impact both short term, and long term.”

Getting fields made of artificial turf is one safety precaution the school is taking. The turf softens the impact when athletes hit the ground. And for smaller districts like Durand, funds might be tighter, but they will make it work.

Robertson says “if we need something that has anything to do with safety, we’re gonna buy it. Because we made that commitment to our kids.”

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