Stateline Golfers Waiting for Warm Weather

Donuts, orange juice and tips from the pros have Stateliners fired up for golf season. Now they just need the weather to co-operate. Gary Tiffany Secretary of the Rockford Area Men's Amateur Golf Association says "come on mother nature let's get some warm weather in here so we can get out and golf."


Tiffany says their association has a tournament coming up in less then a month, and they need to be on the green golfing now. "We got a couple weeks, but we gotta get out there and play so we can play really well." Says Tiffany.


The Rockford Park District is also feeling the effects of the elements. "We were hoping to get a few rounds in. March of last year we were basically open for twelve months, but we knew we couldn't do that two years in a row. We've saved on some expenses but we've also lost some revenue too." Said David Claeyssens, Manger of Golf Services at the Rockford Park District.


Trainer at Aldeen Golf Course Adam Zbynski spent the morning giving golf lessons inside instead of outside. Zbynski says "we are looking outside everyday just thinking about how bad we want to be out there. We get phone calls everyday asking if we are open, when we are going to be open. Then there is golf on TV, so we're just waiting. He also is feeling the affects of Aldeen not being open until April 6th this year. "It's not good. This time last year we would be going full force. Right now we would probably have one hundred to two hundred golfers on the course, so we from two hundred to zero, it's not good for us."


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