Stateline Residents Upset With Income Tax Hike

- ROCKFORD - Governor Pat Quinn gave his State of Illinois Budget address Wednesday in Springfield, and Eyewitness News could not find one Stateline tax payer who liked the idea.  Governor Quinn’s proposal to make the temporary income tax hike permanent on had many Stateline residents upset.

Kathryn Lamphere, who has lived in Rockford for most of her life, said she has had enough of the terrible budgeting in Illinois.  “spend, and spend, and spend and we do not have the money to provide for that, so what is the use?”  Another frustrated Stateliner, Tim Keyes said “the state of Illinois keeps spending what they take in from tax payers, and we never cut back.”

Governor Quinn said back in 2011 that the increase would fix the budget and the Illinois deficit, but some Stateline residents said they have seen no progress since then.

Philip Meyers, who has lived in Illinois for years said the temporary income tax did not help the Illinois budget balance before, so he is not happy to see it become permanent.  “we don’t see any kind of reduction in our debt, no matter what tax they throw at us, and that is all they are trying to do, is raise taxes, but not reduce the debt.”

Republican State Senator Dave Syverson said that Governor Quinn’s temporary tax would not have to become permanent if the money would have been used right the first time. “the state of Illinois has taken in over 26 billion dollars in the last three years, if only two billion of that revenue went for paying state bills, where did the other $23 billion dollars go?

Democratic State Senator Steve Stadelman said he will support the income tax if it comes with property tax relief.  “we have high property tax rates in the Rockford area, any relief would be very welcomed so if we combine that with efforts to make sure that we have adequate funding for education and public safety, I think that is a very good solution”

One of the problems for Democrats who are in favor of this permanent 5% income tax hike will be convincing their constituents.  “I just feel that government is trying to tax us in every way possible and they never seem to drop these taxes, and yet they just continue to spend our money, and we never see any reductions in the budget” said Philip Meyers.

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