Stateline Snow Tows Skyrocket

LOVES PARK- A to Z Towing's Angela Stults talked with a driver over a CB radio, sending him to his next tow. "It's very busy," she explained.

Stults answered more than 100 phone calls today. Cars, Semi Trucks and SUVs all went sliding and gliding in the snowy weather. Many vehicles got stuck in ditches off major area roadways.

"It’s pretty bad. We’ve been busy, pretty busy, pulling people out of ditches and their driveways," said A to Z Towing Driver Paul Wollenburg.

Wollenburg says this is the worst winter he's worked. Their biggest challenge is ice. Too icy and there's no pulling out a car until it melts.

"The ice, because if they’re stuck we can't get to them," said Stults.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week A to Z Towing is rescuing Stateline drivers and there's no end in sight. So Wollenberg advises going easy on the gas pedal. Saying it's best to go slow than be sorry.

"Slow down. That’s their problem, is they’re driving way too fast in this stuff. You just have to take your time and get where you’re going. Just take it easy," said Wollenburg.

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