Stateline Snowmobilers Loving This Weather


Roscoe- Stateline snowmobilers love the snow that’s been hitting the area lately. They’re out in full force at Roscoe’s Stone Bridge Trail. This is one of the earliest starts to snowmobile season, but local riders are not complaining.


Member of the Oak Ridge Riders Rod Chambers says “I been riding since 1989, and I can’t remember the last time I was able to ride before Christmas.”


Local Roscoe resident Al Beaver has family visiting from Kentucky. He’s teaching them the snowmobile basics.


Beaver says “it’s nice to be able to do it right from your house instead of having to trail your sleds up north to go snowmobiling. So from that aspect it’s absolutely great.”


And that means he gets to share one of his favorite activates with his loved ones.


Beaver says “it’s one of those things that when you can have a family together and do an activity, it makes it so much easier.”


Chambers agrees, saying “I’ve never seen a kid that didn’t enjoy it tremendously. And it’s something to go out with the family and go ride for awhile, and you stop somewhere, get something to eat, a drink or two, warm up, and it’s on to the next one.


The Oak Ridge Riders are looking for members, and help with maintenance of Stone Bridge Trail.


If you would like to help out, email them at Info@OakRidgeRiders.Net

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